Come and join us!

Western and Fusion style Rope Bondage

Undogmatic, playful, arty and queer!

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.

Upcoming special events:

2024: Kink & Coffee
September/October 2024: RopuNawa: tbd
Q1 2025: Andy Buru: On Desire

Past events


are a group of rope bondage enthusiasts who enjoy rope bondage for aesthetic, artistic, erotic, recreational, sexual and other reasons.

With a modern understanding of consent as one of our core values we invite everybody to come and laugh, cry, live, love, learn and create with us, regardless of age, gender, religion, sexuality, body type, etc.

Rope Bondage is more than Shibari

While Shibari (a japanese form of rope bondage) is more popular than ever there is also a rich and vibrant history of European and American rope bondage.

Underrepresented and underestimated, these so-called “western” and “fusion” styles have much to offer. Quick and efficient, they are perfect for anybody who enjoys our “rope fights”, where we wrestle playfully while tying or getting tied up.

Cotton rope is soft, hygienic and available in a huge variety of amazing colours. You can dye it yourself and it can easily be cleaned in a regular washing machine if things ever get a little bit… messy.

Come and explore with us a dogma-free space

Standing on the shoulders of giants like Bettie Page and Irving Claw, Lew Rubens, Chanta Rose, Lee Harrington and many more, we are creating a space where anyone can explore their desires. Without the need for a master-student mentality or out-dated gender roles.

In a community of equals we share our diverse experiences and learn from each other organically.

And if you enjoy a playful and dynamic way of tying or getting tied, then this might just be right for you!

Join us!

Joining us is easy. On Mondays we host a bondage jam (please register by E‑Mail). And every two weeks we meet for a munch on Thursday(no registration). Take a look at our calendar for the details.

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Frequently asked questions

Where and when are the meetups?

You can find all event details in our calendar.

Do I have to register by e-mail EVERY time?

No, only the first time.

It is very important to us to know all attendees and to have a clear picture when everybody is there, so we can start.
We therefore kindly ask you to register the first time via e-mail. After that any message that reaches us is fine.
For the Stammtisch no registration is required, but we are thankful if you if you RSVP on Fetlife.

What about safety?

Creating a space were everybody can feel safe and comfortable is very important to us.
We ask that you are respectful, safe and negotiate before engaging with each other.
A dedicated host is available for your questions/requests/concerns and they will step in when there are problems or unsafe behaviour. (A written Code of Conduct is in development.)

With that being said we encourage everybody to take personal responsibility for their own safety: Don’t do anything you feel uncomfortable with – Listen to your feelings. Don’t do things out of “charity” – Because that is a lose-lose. Don’t pick rope partners lightly – negotiate and ask around. Don’t be mislead by status or prestige – The only expert on your pleasure are you yourself. Don’t start with full on suspension – Explore your limits at your own speed. If something does not feel right/good tell your rope partner early – it is better for everybody, believe me.

Is there a fee? How much does it cost?

This is our hobby, not a business model. There is an admission fee of 10 EUR (cash) at the jam for non-association-members. Besides paying the rent, if there is a surplus we use it to buy more equipment.

Is there a dress code?

Kinda. We kindly ask you to change out of your street clothes after arriving. What you change into is up to you.

Do I need to bring a partner?

While bringing a partner is highly recommended, it is not required.
You can either tie by yourself or ask somebody else to team up.

Do I need to bring rope?

You do not. We have some rope available for lending (limited supply).
We believe that rope is something personal, so we recommend buying your own.
If you are unsure about what to buy, ask around at a meetup.

I have rope, ribbon slings, carabiner, rings, etc. should I bring those?

Definitely! There are more attachment points for suspension bondage than we have equipment for.

What is the Beginner’s Corner?

The Beginner’s Corner is our attempt at including people who are new to rope bondage.
There you can learn some basic techniques to get you started. If you are by yourself and/or want to train the basics, you are just as welcome.

What kind of style do you use and teach?

Depends on the person you talk to. We are undogmatic, so any and all styles of rope bondage (incl. western, shibari , fusion, etc.) are welcome. The only things we are strict about are consent and safety.

Do you also organize workshops?

Sometimes. Our focus is on learning from each other without any claim to truth.
If somebody interesting is coming to Vienna, we might consider inviting them.

What’s with the art thing?

Next to having a wicked amount of fun, we would also like to create art. This can be anything from simple photos to calendars, videos or whole performances. This is purely optional for all who are interested.

I don’t want to have my picture taken because of my dayjob, family, etc.

Pictures are only taken with explicit consent of everybody involved. We are very strict about that.